DaCosta Cup Fight for 2017 Championship.

The first round of DaCosta schoolboys’ football has finished and fans are now gearing up for an exciting and riveting second round. Teams being watched by the vast population includes Cornwall College, the defending champions of 2016 who won 2-1 to St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS). STETHS is also a forced to be reckoned with this season being among the top two. The list does not stop there as Manchester High School, Clarendon College and Munro College have their fans who are just as confident as the Cornwallians. The standings for the respective teams are within the top five for their specified zones.

Past player of Cornwall, Jerron Bernard has communicated that Cornwall College is confident for the win again this year. His reason for this is because they are the defending champions and are focused in retaining their title. “The Cornwallian defence players are on par with their game and the attackers are ready to strike” he added. Every team is confident for their win but the question is “Who will be the champion for 2017?”

STETHS had always have their fan base since DaCosta cup began and stand as a stalwart among Jamaicans in regards to sports. They too are making the necessary preparation in winning the 2017 title of Champion. The season has started on a high, hearts are beating, the tension among fans are growing but who will it be? Top player have their rivalries and the creeping saints from Manchester, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth are to look out for.

Catching up with a past student from Clarendon College, Ricardo Robinson is now taking a neutral stand this year’s tournament. He stated that the matches are drawing way to close and players across the teams have improved so he is just anticipating the outcome. Indeed the matches are being played well and each team has their strong point but again the nerve rocking question is “WHO WILL BE 2017 ISSA/FLOW DaCOSTA CUP CHAMPIONS?”

Keep your ears peaked and sit on the edge of your seats for the rest of the season.


DaCosta Cup Stinging Semi

The ISSA/ Flow daCosta Cup semi-finals will be held later this month and Rusea’s High school from Western Jamaica will be in the battle again St. Elizabeth Technical High School.

Rusea’s High won the last of their 10 titles in the year 2011, topped Group Two of the quarterfinals with maximum nine points. The Lucea, Hanover team was well ahead of outgoing champions Cornwall College and Lennon High, who ended on four points each; and St Mary Technical, who, in their first venture into the quarterfinals, failed to score a point, losing all three games. Three other western-based schools — Spot Valley High, Little London and Frome Technical — qualified for the Ben Francis quarterfinals, all failing to advance.

Meanwhile in the daCosta Cup, Group Three winners St Elizabeth Technical advanced to the final after a 7-0 win over BB Coke High school. Daniel Reid, top scorer for the match has found pleasure and humility in the matches played thus far and believes they are capable of advancing to the finals to take home the win. The match is believed to be of equal advantage to both team hence, the victors will be well deserving. It is also quite evident to the public and fans that the teams have also improved over the years and has stepped up their game in the competition.

Improvement has lead to the betterment of players and advancing from round to round. The finals for the ISSA/Flow daCosta Cup will be held at Montego Bay sports complex on December 02, 2017. The matches leading up to the finals promises to be mind blowing and interesting. Likewise, the finals will be intensified as we anticipate the rivalry of who will advanced to take home the title.

UWI, Mona Inter-Hall Football Competition Champions

The interhall football competition at the University of West Indies started matches early to find the dominant team in Rex Nettleford hall. This hall competition continued for 2 months starting in late August with eight (8) teams battling for the top spot. On October 21st 2017, The Alliance Football Club and Cluster Nine Panthers advanced to the finals with a neck to neck match. Alliance football club took the lead in the 45th minute of the match when Jerron Bernard scored the first goal. The panthers took several attempts to take the lead but was out done by the keeper, Shaquille “shack” Martin. In the 85th minute, top goal scorer Jerron Bernard scored the second goal which led to the Alliance team coming out as competitions champions.

The team had played five (5) matches and among them, lost none. The first half of the season ended on a good note with 4 wins and 1 draw. Captain Ackeem Samuels felt very pleased with this year’s performance, as it has been the first win in five years. Top player Jerron Bernard, past student from Cornwall College scored six (6) goals which helped to put the team on top. He was also pleased with his performance but felt he could have done better. “It was a challenging match and training was hard but we managed to pull off the first half of the competition as top team and without any player being injured” he added in expressing his thoughts on the matches.

As champions, Rex Nettleford Alliance team will now advance into the second and final half of the season with the different halls of the university. The team is preparing to advance to the next stage of the competition hoping that can continue in their winning streak.  They have gained supporters and is looking forward to an exciting second round.

Emotional Agony

I felt it deep like a  centipede’s sting when you told me to leave.

The venom traveled to my heart’s strings when shortly after i became numb.

Numb to your love

Numb to your care

Numb to even your very pain.

Yes, I felt your pain

I cried your tears

But tonight, these are tears if my own.

My own broken heart.

My own love  that i lost.

Better yet, let past.


It only got worst there after but through my slow death, the effects were  stifled by the venom of the monster.

With what remains I write you this note:

“you can now start over without me.

No longer will I be the person you don’t need but being there.

I’m gone but not without saying I’m sorry.

I obviously messed up your life and did more evil than good.

It was all effortlessly done.

I’m sorry – Goodbye.”


No Longer Your Love


The role of Africa in the construction of identities in the Caribbean.

Some believe the Caribbean is mainly African but Jamaicans embrace the fact that they are peculiar people from worldwide descendants.

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“…Jamaica throughout its post Columbian history, has witnessed a counterpoint of allegiance: rejection of blackness and Africa on one hand, assertion on the other” (Alleyne, M., 2003, p.39).

In simpler terms, Jamaica’s historical background has a major part to do with the slaving of Africans but it also should take into consideration colonization by the whites. Over the years, some Jamaicans are proud of their African background and embrace it with the unique creole language, style of dress and some cultural practices. On the other hand, others may identify with it but may not necessarily embrace its roots. The fact that Jamaica is a culture of mix backgrounds and races it is difficult to identify with just one.

Irregardless of the fact that majority of Jamaica’s cultural practices were traced back to Africa, one must take into consideration the mixing of cultural practices to form one even though one may dominate. According to Alleyne (2003),  In Caribbean societies, there are Europeans, Indians, Chinese…” this is evident in the Jamaican motto “out of many one people”. Our roots cultural practices are not solely African for example:

  • Kumina (mix with European)
  • Revivalism (mix with European)
  • Nineth night (also mixed) among others


In society today, identity with the African culture has gotten less and the western culture dominates our society. No longer is the African part of our culture dominating such as nineth night and kumina. Also, as time goes by, Jamaican are being less representative of their African background where as “black” is not accepted and as result, skin bleaching is dominating the country. Yes, Africa paid a role in the formation of our identiy and was embraced in previous times but today, things have changed.


Music is constant presence …and functions on a number of levels in movies (Burton,1975). The harder they come uses music with symbolic interpretations.

Music is constant presence …and functions on a number of levels in movies (Burton,1975). The harder they come uses music with symbolic interpretations.

Music plays a vital role in the production of every drama piece to enhance the effects of the message and create the mood or feeling in the audience. The movie, the harder they come is no different concerning the use of music.

At the beginning of the movie the song “You can get it if you really want”  was introduced, it provoked perseverance and dedication through repeating the phrase … you must try, try and try, try and try, you’ll succeed at last”The use of this song peaked the audience into looking beyond, at what mode of social mobility will come up in the movie or just to open the mind to a world of success through trying.

In the drama piece, the re-occurrence of the theme song “the harder they come” by Jimmy Cliff played the most important role in the movie while at the same time evoking a sense of culture as well as elevation or social mobility to the audience. The culture of oppression is brought out in the song through the words “when the oppressors they try to keep me down, making me feel like a clown”  while on the other hand, the desire for a better life and social mobility is priority; “… but i sure that the sun will shine, I’ve get to get my share of whats mine”.  The desire to have a better life and succeeding was the aim of the main character, Ivan. Within the drama piece, the cultural aspect of religion is also kept throughout and referred to in the song. the religious aspect of culture was very significant as stated in the song “well they tell me of a mansion in the sky, waiting for me when i die … i say forgive them lord, they know not what they’ve done”. This shows that religion was a very important cultural aspect that serves as a means of oppression while at the same time is an avenue to escape oppression from other systems.


Breaking Down


Wallow in it

Wallow in it

Drowning in the sea of despair

Neglect leaves me in the dark

Neglect leaves me in the dark

Distant from the world and all its occurrences.

My mind echoes the cacophony of emotional distress



Who cares?

I feel alone; drowning, no safe guard to rescue.

Even if there was, I’ll still die

The noise is too loud and I’ve drifted too far

Too far to reach

Floating around like the winter wind

Cold and ready to lash out

The cacophony grows louder

The sea level rises

Wondering if it will drown me

Bitter for life?

Buried in emotional distress

Gone to the point of no return

Or will you dear to reach me?